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Fitness Presenter, Director, Choreographer, Dancer.


"I find him very intriguing"

Robbie Williams Oct 2004


  “Love the attitude, I like you”

    Simon Cowell April 2007


Now working from my very own studio please come and check it out


Obligatory Disclaimer (or "please oh please don't kill me")

Urmm it's at this point I'd like to point out that the pictures from those awesome systems known as Les Mills are the property of Les Mills International & NIKE ROCKSTAR WORK OUT is the property of NIKE, Zumba is the property of Zumba Fitness LLC - No copyright infringement is intended and there is no link between Les Mills, NIKE, Zumba and myself other than I am  trained and certified or an approved trainer - this is all here purely for mine. and possibly someone else's exhilaration

Also apologies to anyone who I may have hot footed pictures from. I can't for the life of me remember where I did get them from (I can't remember my own name some times, I have to check my underwear, thought I was called Tommy for ages)-so if you see one and go "'Ere that was pinched from my web site-the cheeky whipper snapper!" then tell me and I'll give you a mention.. :)


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